Welcome to Gaming Entertainment

Welcome home gamers to a place where you may find games that you enjoy or enjoyed playing whether it has been last year, last month, last 10 years and so forth.

It has been quite some time since I had this website and to build it from the ground will be challenging and to build it up will be interesting. The fact that I enjoy playing video games whether it is on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, even PC makes me happy to create a website where I can my hobby with all gamers. Let me give you a brief history of this website and what I am intending it to be in the future.

Brief History of GamingEntertainment.org

In 2015, I used to own this website. My decision to create this website was to express my own hobby in playing video games. But, also to create a website where I could create a secondary income by blogging about games I have played and provide affiliate links for, and games that might not have been advertised or have not even come across.

After a year of owning this website, I had stopped updating and posting blogs about games that were coming out in future months. Then I had stopped updating the website in general. All was due to personal reasons.

Intent of GamingEntertainment.org

After seeing that this domain name was available, I decided to reclaim this website and start all over from scratch. Of course this will not be easy and challenges will appear from anywhere. So to be up front with anyone and all who read my blogs. My intent of GamingEntertainment.org is create a place where people from all over the world can give opinions, feedback and even suggestions on what you may want to know about.

In addition to create a gaming website, it will be a site where I will put affiliate links to a variety of games of past, present and future in my blogs and of course you are the decision makers of whether you intend, plan or even buy items by clicking on the links in my blogs. Of course, I will put a disclaimer letting you know if the link is an affiliate.

Being up front with you from the very beginning is how trust gets started. If I am not up front now, then how could I expect you to place your trust in a website such as this one compared to any other website.

Future of GamingEntertainment.org

First, let me take this time to thank you for visiting my website. Your visit means a lot to me and knowing that you entered my website shows that I am not the only who enjoys playing video games in different platforms. But, also, it gives me a satisfaction knowing that I am creating a valuable website for everyone.

Right now the website needs a lot of work. I need to get started on blogs that I yearning to post with new games coming in 2020. As well as, new consoles that have been floating around online such as the PlayStation 5.

In the coming months, I will update the website in phases. As you visit, you will see changes that was not there in your last visit. As well as, posting a calendar of updates that will take place on here. New updates will be posted in my blogs.