Website Maintenance

We are in December and on the last month of the 2019 year. Since regaining Gaming Entertainment back, there is a lot of work that needs to done. The list is as follows:

  1. Add a Privacy Policy page
  2. Change the form for leaving comments
  3. Add a Website Updates page

The 3 things listed above are very important not only to me, but to you as the visitors to Gaming Entertainment. We are in an age where protecting the information you put on this website is very important. With data breaches that have been happening within the last several years. Many of you are pondering and wondering whether or not this site is safe to visit.

There are many things that are still missing on this website that have a great importance to you and to me. Therefore, this blog is dedicated to everyone who visits this website.

My hope is to see Gaming Entertainment become, not just a website for gamers, but a website where everyone who enjoys playing mobile games, board games, video games, pc games, can be at home and in a safe space.

So, for this month, I want to be accomplish the 3 things that I have listed on this blog. Before we reach the end of 2019 and celebrate the incoming of the year 2020.

As always, I thank you for visiting Gaming Entertainment and as Jaden Yuki, from Yu Gi Oh GX, would say “Get Your Game On”.