Pokemon Shield Game Review

I recently got the Pokemon Shield game for the Nintendo Switch. In the brief time that I played the game. I enjoyed the cool details of the game, the way the games plays and the battle scenes. It’s very different from what we have seen in the previous Pokemon games. I am hoping to continue playing the game and complete it 100%. So without further-a-due, let me give some feedback to Pokemon Shield.

Just to let you know I am not going to spoil the game. Since the game has only been available for about 2 weeks since the date of the blog. It would not be fair to give very specific details about the game knowing that many gamers has yet to play the game. The only details I will provide here is feedback about the graphics, the story plot, and how the interaction of the game to a gamer’s experience.

Game Graphics

Compared to the previous Pokemon games we have come to love and grown with. Pokemon Shield has definitely brought out the real deal in gaming evolution. This graphics makes it feel like you are the avatar who is taking the Pokemon journey. The fact that the Nintendo Switch has capability to displaying the game both on the portable console and on your television screen. It really makes it remarkable to see how gaming has truly evolved over the last 30+ years.

I love the way the games looks and how realistic it feels. As you start to play the game, you become amazed at how much the graphics keeps your attention and if you are the type of gamer who is very detailed. You will admire the amount of work the game developers have done to make this game as realistic as possible with the capabilities of what the Nintendo Switch has to offer.

Story Plot

The story plot is very familiar to all of us Pokemon trainers. Similar to it’s predecessor games. We have a new region to explore and a new generation of Pokemon to capture & collect Pokemon data to complete a Pokedex. The region is known as the Galar region. Like the previous regions, the Galar region has it own Pokemon both new and familiar faces. Just like every Pokemon game, you start at your home town within the region, see the Professor who will present 3 starter to choose, and off on your Pokemon journey.

As I mentioned earlier in this blog, I will not reveal specific details about the game only because it is fresh in the market and not many gamers have yet to play & experience the game. It wouldn’t be fair to anyone and it would take the fun out of playing Pokemon Sword & Shield.

Gamer’s Experience

Frankly, this will be very short. As you start to play the game you will experience a different feeling as you move your avatar throughout the game. Also, you will enjoy the graphic details of the game and the capabilities that your avatar is able to that was not available in previous Pokemon games.

This is my brief review of Pokemon Shield. I am hoping to complete the game by Christmas so that I can blog on my complete game experience and share with all of you. And, hopefully by that time many of you will have played either Pokemon Sword or Pokemon Shield or both games. This way we can share our experience and give feedback.

As always, thank you for visiting my blog and reading this post. If you have yet to Pokemon Sword and/or Pokemon Shield. Click on the images below to a GameStop affiliate link to buy the games.

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Pokemon Shield