Calling all Final Fantasy VII fans! Calling all Final Fantasy VII fans! More details have been revealed about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake of one of our most favorite characters who we have loved for many many years. We get a closer look at Aerith Gainsborough. One of the most sweetest and most loved characters within the Final Fantasy VII game and Cloud’s potential love interest.

Who is Aerith Gainsborough?

Aerith Gainsborough in Final Fantasy 7 was a beloved flower girl who would sell flowers in the slums of Midgar. She would have these beautiful flowers that had grown with in a church in Sector 5 of Midgar. Unknowingly to Aerith, she was believed to be part of an race known as the Ancients who lived many many years ago.

Before & After Images of Aerith

When you look at the before and after images of Aerith. You will be amazed and possibly jaw dropping. Square Enix has come a long way in providing such details in the graphics of the game.

It is likely that we could compare the two images of Aerith, but when you look at the advancement of how gaming has evolved over the years. We can conclude or we can say that Final Fantasy VII for the original Sony PlayStation was the greatest RPG in the 90’s. Final Fantasy VII Remake will be the greatest RPG in its modern time of the 2000’s.