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Calling all Final Fantasy VII fans! Calling all Final Fantasy VII fans! More details have been revealed about the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake of one of our most favorite characters who we have loved for many many years. We get a closer look at Aerith Gainsborough. One of the most sweetest and most loved characters within the Final Fantasy VII game and Cloud’s potential love interest. Who is Aerith Gainsborough? Aerith Gainsborough in Final
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We are in December and on the last month of the 2019 year. Since regaining Gaming Entertainment back, there is a lot of work that needs to done. The list is as follows: Add a Privacy Policy pageChange the form for leaving commentsAdd a Website Updates page The 3 things listed above are very important not only to me, but to you as the visitors to Gaming Entertainment. We are in an age where protecting
Our First Trailer to RE3 Finally, it is here! The first trailer to Resident Evil 3 Remake since the first cover photo was leaked some time last week. Many fans have been wondering if Capcom was planning on whether or not to do the RE3 remake. The push came, game was confirmed and now we have our trailer to Resident Evil 3 Remake. I am a big Resident Evil fan and have been since the
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Leaks have surfaced and they are discussing RE3 Remake I am excited to head details and discussions of Resident Evil 3. A friend of mine told me about a podcast that aired on December 7th. The minute he told me about it. I was happy to hear a group discussion of the leaked details of RE3. While I am writing this blog, I am listening to the podcast that is sponsor is known as Residence
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Final Fantasy VII Original image for the Sony PlayStation It’s been a long time since the original Final Fantasy VII game was released on the Sony PlayStation game console on January 17, 1997 in Japan, September 7, 1997 in United States, and October 2, 1997 worldwide. In 2020 we will have that opportunity to experience and play with our favorite characters once again. With the initial release of Final Fantasy VII Remake scheduled for March
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I have one update related to Gaming Entertainment. In my last blog titled “Adding More Content & Updating Website“, I mentioned that I was adding a page for gaming accessories. I was going to launch the page on Monday, December 2, 2019. But considering that Black Friday Sales were in demand. I decided to launch it on November 28, 2019. What is the Gaming Accessories page about? The Gaming Accessories page is a page where
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First, let me take this time to thank you who have visited my site. I know that there is not much content and that it still looks like it is in development. In sincerity, is still under development and still in need of more content. It is not always easy to keep a website up-to-date on a daily basis. However, I am looking to updating this website and adding content on a weekly basis.
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Pokemon Sword & Shield Starters and Gameplay I recently got the Pokemon Shield game for the Nintendo Switch. In the brief time that I played the game. I enjoyed the cool details of the game, the way the games plays and the battle scenes. It’s very different from what we have seen in the previous Pokemon games. I am hoping to continue playing the game and complete it 100%. So without further-a-due, let me give
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The next generation of Pokemon is finally here. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield were released on Friday, November 15th. The games takes a different approach to how the world of Pokemon is viewed today. This is quite an exciting time with Pokemon still popular for more than 15 years. I am quite excited with the release of these 2 games. I am sure you are all excited too. Just to give you a brief idea
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Welcome home gamers to a place where you may find games that you enjoy or enjoyed playing whether it has been last year, last month, last 10 years and so forth. It has been quite some time since I had this website and to build it from the ground will be challenging and to build it up will be interesting. The fact that I enjoy playing video games whether it is on the PlayStation 4,
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