Gaming Accessories Launched

I have one update related to Gaming Entertainment. In my last blog titled “Adding More Content & Updating Website“, I mentioned that I was adding a page for gaming accessories. I was going to launch the page on Monday, December 2, 2019. But considering that Black Friday Sales were in demand. I decided to launch it on November 28, 2019.

What is the Gaming Accessories page about?

The Gaming Accessories page is a page where you will find game consoles, gaming subscriptions, video games, controllers and other gaming related items to buy. As mentioned in my previous blogs, links and images that you see on this page are affiliate links to GameStop, Amazon and Walmart.

Each section will be labeled with the either GameStop, Amazon, and/or Walmart. This will help you to know where you would be taken to, if you decide to buy a game, console, membership subscriptions and more.

How often will Gaming Accessories be updated?

Gaming Accessories will be updated on a weekly basis. Similar to the Gaming Entertainment website, updating the page will be on a weekly basis. This will be easier for me to accomplish while I work full time during the week. It will also help you by seeing some of the new games that have been released which will make it fairly easier for you to find what you might be looking for.

Why was Gaming Accessories made?

I mentioned a term that not many people may be familiar with. That term or word is “affiliate”. In part of making a website for gamers to give feedback, read my reviews to games or gaming related posts, and even post suggestions to add to the Gaming Entertainment. Being able to make Gaming Entertainment also into an affiliate marketing website will help me invest into Gaming Entertainment through commissions.

As an affiliate marketer to GameStop, Amazon and Walmart, for every purchase you make through these links, I will earn a commission. By earning a commission, I can invest more into Gaming Entertainment to develop the website to become more than what it is now.

What is my goal for Gaming Entertainment in general?

My dream is not only to make a website for gamers, but to make it more like a one stop shop to check out the new games coming out, purchase the games, give feedback to the games, and to create a forum where everyone can enjoy sharing their experience playing video games with one another.

Also, for me to share with you YouTube videos of other fellow gamers who have played games that have already been released, without having to jump all over YouTube to find them.

In my completion to this post. I want to thank each and every one of you who come and visit Gaming Entertainment. I truly appreciate your visit and you taking the time to explore this website. If you should have any suggestions, feedback, or even want to say hello. Please feel free to post a comment on any of my posts.

Thank you once again!