Pokemon Shield Game Review

I recently got the Pokemon Shield game for the Nintendo Switch. In the brief time that I played the game. I enjoyed the cool details of the game, the way the games plays and the battle scenes. It’s very different from what we have seen in the previous Pokemon games. I am hoping to continue playing the game and complete it 100%. So without further-a-due, let me give some feedback to Pokemon Shield. Just to […]

Here We Go Pokemon Trainers: Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield is here

The next generation of Pokemon is finally here. Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield were released on Friday, November 15th. The games takes a different approach to how the world of Pokemon is viewed today. This is quite an exciting time with Pokemon still popular for more than 15 years. I am quite excited with the release of these 2 games. I am sure you are all excited too. Just to give you a brief idea […]