Adding More Content & Updating Website

First, let me take this time to thank you who have visited my site. I know that there is not much content and that it still looks like it is in development. In sincerity, is still under development and still in need of more content.

It is not always easy to keep a website up-to-date on a daily basis. However, I am looking to updating this website and adding content on a weekly basis. As I work full time, it become a challenge for me to post new blogs, new content, and even add new stuff to here every day.

I truly thank you again for your visit and I do ask that you bare with me as I make more of a commitment to adding new things on this website. One day my dream of making a place where gamers can come and read about different games, provide feedback, and even a place where they buy video games through affiliate links in each blog or through a web page on Gaming Entertainment.

Coming Soon….

Since we are close to the end of year in about a month away. I want to layout some of things that I will be doing to Gaming Entertainment. Aside from adding more blogs about games I have played, I am looking to add a page where you can buy subscriptions such as PlayStation Now and Xbox live.

Adding of a Gaming Accessories Page

Rather than to make it a blog. It would be easier to make a separate page on Gaming Entertainment so you can find it easily with no hassle. The one thing I want to let you know is that those links for PlayStation Now, Xbox Live and even the Nintendo credits will all be affiliate links. Also, you will find accessories for majority of the gaming consoles like headsets for your online gaming experience, gaming controllers, and even consoles.

That page you can expect it to be live by December 2nd, in time for Cyber Monday deals or even online shopping for the holidays. As soon as the page goes live, I will put a blog post so that as you visit the page you will know what is going on Gaming Entertainment. And, you will see a new page link on the bar on top of the page.

Adding of a Website Updates Page

I believe I mentioned in my first blog that I want to add a calendar of updates that I plan to do with the amount of time available. In December, I will start create the page but I will not make it live at least until January 2020.

The reason why is because with the amount of time I have available between work and any other personal responsibilities. I want to make sure I meet all the deadline dates as it would be posted, once the page it is live, without fail. It is important to me and it may very well be important to you as you visit Gaming Entertainment.

With that said, I have two deadline dates as it is written here. December 2nd, making the Gaming Accessories Page live and January 2020 making the Website Updates Page live.